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tur-103   African Turquoise & Garnet Earrings
tur-102   African Turquoise (authentic) Round Earrings. Approximately 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch.
ear-24   Aquamarine Crystal
EAR-53   Black Teardrop Crystal and Turquoise
ear-43   Cherry Quartz Gemstone
ear-46   Dark Amethyst Gemstone
ear-45   Garnet Gemstone
EAR-57   Heishi Turquoise
ear-47   Light Amethyst Gemstone
EAR-51   Moss Agate Gemstone
CM-15   Pewter Oval Word Charms
ear-44   Purple Agate & Turquoise
ear-58   Purple Jasper
SB-10   Serenity Bracelet - Aqua, Brown
SB-09   Serenity Bracelet - Aqua, navy
SB-01   Serenity Bracelet - Aqua, Purple, Pink
SB-07   Serenity Bracelet - Brown, Clear, Black
SB-03   Serenity Bracelet - Chocolate, Pink
SB-11   Serenity Bracelet - Clear Crystal, Navy
SB-04   Serenity Bracelet - Lilac, Black
SB-06   Serenity Bracelet - Rust, Brown, Red
SB-02   Serenity Bracelet - Sage, Blue
SB-08   Serenity Bracelet - Sage, Lilac, Pink
SB-14   Serenity Bracelet - Teal, Cranberry, Black
SB-05   Serenity Bracelet - Teal, Rust, Black
101   Serenity Threads - Arizona
100   Serenity Threads - Caribbean
69   Serenity Threads - Denim Blues
75   Serenity Threads - Ivory Cream
96   Serenity Threads - Lilac Garden
97   Serenity Threads - Mardi Gras
70   Serenity Threads - Merry Go Round
68   Serenity Threads - Oreo
95   Serenity Threads - Princess
73   Serenity Threads - Purple Rain
102   Serenity Threads - Red Velvet
76   Serenity Threads - Red, White & Black
93   Serenity Threads - Southwestern Sky
65   Serenity Threads - Wheat Fields
CM-32   Silver Angel Charm
ear-36   Silver Angel Wings
ear-38   Silver Angels
CM-34   Silver Blazing Sun Charm
CM-28   Silver Dog Charm
CM-37   Silver Elephant Charm
ear-40   Silver Elephants
EAR-50   Silver Hummingbirds
ear-39   Silver Kokopelli
CM-27   Silver Large Dog Paw Charm
CM-29   Silver Laurel Burch Cat Charm
ear-42   Silver Laurel Burch Cats
CM-30   Silver Laurel Burch Standing Cat Charm
CM-35   Silver Lotus Flower Charm
ear-41   Silver Love
EAR-55   Silver Owls
EAR-56   Silver Peace Sign
CM-23   Silver Peace Sign Charm
CM-36   Silver Sea Turtle Charm
CM-26   Silver Small Dog Paw Charm
ear-22   Silver Sun
EAR-54   Silver Turtles
CM-06   Sterling Silver "be here now" charm (engraved on both sides)
CM-08   Sterling Silver "breathe deeply" charm (engraved on both sides)
CM-09   Sterling Silver "courage & strength" charm (courage engraved on one side and strength engraved on the other)
CM-02   Sterling Silver "Hope" Necklace Square
SSMN-36   Sterling Silver Charm Necklace - "be here now"
SSMN-37   Sterling Silver Charm Necklace - "laugh often love much"
SSMN-34   Sterling Silver Charm Necklace - "One Day at a Time"
SSMN-30   Sterling Silver Charm Necklace - "Stay in the Moment"
SSMN-12   Sterling Silver Message Necklace - Guardian Angel
SSMN-04   Sterling Silver Message Necklace - Hope, Courage and Strength
SSMN-22   Sterling Silver Message Necklace - Serenity, Courage and Wisdom
SSMN-31   Sterling Silver Message Necklace - Sister and Friends
CM-22   Sterling Silver Serenity Charm
EAR-52   Turquoise Gemstone

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