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Spirit Jewels/Serenity Threads
Spiritually Enlightening Jewelry Creations and Handcrafted Fiber Arts

Spirit Jewels was born in 2002 in Lawrenceville, Georgia.
The name "Spirit Jewels" is derived from the word "spiritual".
I had been making jewelry for many years but never
found a calling for it until that year. Many uncertainties existed
in our world after 9/11 and also in my own personal journey...
and I felt "called" to direct my work to a spiritual level.
 I wanted to offer affordable yet superior quality jewelry
 with a message of encouragement. My first creation was
 "The Serenity Bracelet". It is based on "The Serenity Prayer"
and was created to offer a simple message of encouragement with one word...
whatever word that may bring forth faith and enlightenment for you.
I also believe that vibrant colors play a powerful role in
illuminating our soul as well as bringing out the best in our personality.

"Serenity Threads" was born in 2009
With my passion for color and feeling that it plays an important role in our mindset...I created my Fiber Arts creations called Serenity Threads. It is a nice balance for me to have a jewelry design style as well as a fiber creation that allows me to expand my work and reach a larger dimension of customers who appreciate handcrafted products. This is a very popular concept for which I am so grateful...the support I have received is truly a blessing! Thank you!
My mission is to offer messages of encouragement through
my creations by using enlightening words, phrases
and vibrant colors to illuminate our spirit.     
Live with purpose, stand in principle, love deeply and be true...always.