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You are here: Home > Serenity Threads (Handcrafted Scarf Necklaces)
Serenity Threads are handcrafted fiber scarf necklaces.
The Cotton, Silk and Acrylic Fiber ingredients make these creations
very popular and easy to wear. There is NO WOOL so NO ITCHING!
Very lightweight, soft and smooth around the neck line and a nice
alternative to a bulky traditional scarf.

How to wear your scarf necklace...
1. dangle the scarf by holding the ring end.
2. use the fingers on your other hand to gently fluff out the fibers to separate them.
3. hold the necklace up with one end in each and and gently twist once or twice
so the fibers and textures stand out.
4. place around your neck and clasp in the back or wear the clasp in the front to use as a lanyard or eyeglass/badge holder!

*Serenity Threads are a trademark product and an
original design by the artist at Spirit Jewels

Please contact me at for special color requests such as birthstone, company, school or mascot colors. Please allow 5 days for FREE SHIPPING!

Remember...vibrant colors are GOOD for the SOUL! :)

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Serenity Threads - Wheat Fields
Serenity Threads - Wheat Fields
Price: $28.00

"Wheat Fields" Scarf Necklace
an earthy blend of cream, tan and mocha colors

Serenity Threads - Cherry Red
Serenity Threads - Cherry Red
Price: $28.00

"Cherry Red" Scarf Necklace
a beautiful soft blend of reds

Serenity Threads - Olive Brown
Serenity Threads - Olive Brown
Price: $28.00

"Olive Brown" Scarf Necklace
a rich blend of Sage, Taupe and Browns

Serenity Threads - Caribbean
Serenity Threads - Caribbean
Price: $28.00

"Caribbean" Scarf Necklace
a rich blend of turquoise colors

Serenity Threads - Arizona
Serenity Threads - Arizona
Price: $28.00

"Arizona" Scarf Necklace
turquoise blue thread with rust, brown & black fibers...very southwestern!