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CM-66   Adopt Charm
EAR-51   African Turquoise Gemstone
tur-117   African Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm
tur-124   Agate & Jasper Gemstone Bracelet (No Charm)
tur-128   Agate & Jasper Gemstone Memory Wire Wrap Around Bracelet
tur-122   Agate Gemstone with Beautiful Cranberry Crystal Bracelet (No Charm)
tur-121   Amethyst & Jasper Gemstone Bracelet with Silver Leaf Charm
tur-112   Amethyst and Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet with Druzy Quartz Ball Charm
ear-45   Amethyst Gemstone
CM-50   Be KInd Charm
EAR-72   Blue Tubular Turquoise Earrings
EAR-69   Blue Turquoise Earrings with Spiral Drop
CM-51   Breathe Charm
CM-59   Courage Charm
CM-57   Embrace Life Charm
CM-58   Enjoy the Journey Charm
CM-60   Foster Charm
tur-125   Garnet & Turquoise Bracelet (No Charm)
ear-46   Garnet & Turquoise Gemstone
ear-44   Green Turquoise Gemstone with silver
tur-115   Grey Agate Gemstone Bracelet with Crystal Druzy Quartz Pendant
CM-61   Happy Charm
CM-48   Home is Where the Cat Is Charm
EAR-61   Impression Jasper Gemstone
EAR-74   Ivory Agate Earrings
tur-127   Jasper & Agate Memory Wire Wrap Around Bracelet
EAR-57   Jasper & Turquoise Gemstone
tur-123   Jasper Gemstone Bracelet (No Charm)
tur-118   Jasper Gemstone Bracelet with Tree of Life Charm
ear-47   Jasper Gemstones
EAR-50   Lapis Gemstone
CM-55   Love with Paw Print Charm
CM-62   Namaste Charm
CM-63   Not All Who Wander are Lost
CM-56   One Day at a Day Charm
CM-15   Pewter Oval Word Charms
EAR-73   Purple Jasper Tubular Earrings
CM-64   Relax Charm
CM-52   Rescue Charm
CM-54   Rescued Human Charm
CM-53   Rescued is my Favorite Breed Charm
CM-44   Save a Life Adopt a Cat Charm
CM-43   Save a Life Adopt a Dog Charm
SB-10   Serenity Bracelet - Brown, Rust, Gray
SB-14   Serenity Bracelet - Cranberry, Aqua, Violet
SB-07   Serenity Bracelet - Purple Iris, Aqua, Lilac
SB-04   Serenity Bracelet -Amethyst, Purple iris, Rust
SB-03   Serenity Bracelet -Black Crystal
SB-06   Serenity Bracelet -Black, Aqua, Rust
SB-01   Serenity Bracelet -Black, Cranberry, Aqua
SB-08   Serenity Bracelet Cranberry, Crystal, Amethyst
104   Serenity Threads - "Autumn"
101   Serenity Threads - Arizona
76   Serenity Threads - Black, Silver, Turquoise
74   Serenity Threads - Blue Jeans
100   Serenity Threads - Caribbean
125   Serenity Threads - Christmas Time
65   Serenity Threads - Ivory Cream
98   Serenity Threads - Purple Rain
105   Serenity Threads - Silver, Black, Grey
77   Serenity Threads - Southwest
SSMN-35   Silver "Lotus Flower" Charm Necklace
CM-27   Silver Angel Charm
CM-23   Silver Aztec Sun Charm
EAR-62   Silver Bunny Earrings with Scroll engraving
CM-26   Silver Dog Paw Charm
EAR-71   Silver Elephant Earrings
EAR-67   Silver Filigree Butterfly Earrings
EAR-63   Silver Filigree Leaf Earrings
CM-33   Silver Flower Blossom Charm
CM-22   Silver Lotus Flower Charm
EAR-64   Silver Lotus Flower Earrings
SSMN-36   Silver Message Necklace "Be The Change You Wish To See In The World"
SSMN-42   Silver Message Necklace "Crazy Cat Lady"
SSMN-31   Silver Message Necklace "Embrace Life"
SSMN-40   Silver Message Necklace "Happy"
SSMN-41   Silver Message Necklace "Namaste"
SSMN-37   Silver Message Necklace "Not All Who Wander Are Lost"
SSMN-38   Silver Message Necklace "One Day At a Time"
SSMN-04   Silver Message Necklace "Rescued Human" with Sterling Silver Paw Print Charm
SSMN-43   Silver Message necklace "Rescued is My Favorite Breed"
SSMN-22   Silver Message Necklace "Serenity"
SSMN-39   Silver Message Necklace "Zen"
CM-39   Silver OHM Charm
EAR-70   Silver Peace Earrings
CM-41   Silver Tree of Life Charm
EAR-66   Silver Tree Of Life Earrings (Dime Size)
CM-02   Silver Wave Charm
EAR-68   Small Blue Turquoise Cube Earrings
ear-43   Small Blue Turquoise Gemstone
EAR-65   Small Silver Spiral Earrings
CM-65   Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Charm
tur-111   Turquoise & Garnet Gemstone Bracelet with Happy Charm
tur-126   Turquoise & Garnet Gemstone Memory Wire Wrap Around Bracelet
EAR-59   Turquoise & Garnet Gemstone with Silver Spiral Drop
EAR-60   Turquoise & Garnet Gemstone with small silver ring
tur-116   Turquoise and Grey Agate Gemstone Bracelet with Druzy Quartz Pendant
CM-47   Zen Charm

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